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A Synagogue Just Like Home

A Synagogue Just Like Home

Published: 4 Aug 2022

Hardback, 40 pages

Recommended for age 5+

By Alice Blumenthal McGinty

Illustrated by Laurel Molk

Published by Walker Books Ltd

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 A new rabbi's efforts to fix up his ageing synagogue are a labour of love - and a comedy of errors - until his congregants fondly pool their talents in this lighthearted celebration of community. Rabbi Ruben loves his synagogue. But he doesn't love the creaking floorboards, leaking sink, or drafty windows.

Surely, he thinks, he can fix it up, so it feels cared for, like a happy home! But Rabbi Ruben doesn't know much about home repair, so when his creative fixes - challah dough plugging a drippy faucet, tablecloths blocking a window draft - make things humorously worse, it'll take his whole congregation banding together to remind him what makes a place feel like a happy home. Alice Blumenthal McGinty's warm, inviting text pairs with Laurel Molk's lively, friendly illustrations for a story about community and coming together - sharing, helping, caring.

Tagged community and religion customs and beliefs