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A Beginners Guide to Electricity and Magnetism

A Beginner's Guide to Electricity and Magnetism

Published: 10 Mar 2016

Paperback / softback, 64 pages

Recommended for age 7+

By Gill (Author) Arbuthnott

Illustrated by Marc Mones

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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Almost the entire world depends on a reliable electricity source - but how often do we stop and think about what actually happens when you switch on the light, flick on the T.V or turn on your computer? In this amazing introduction to electricity and magnetism Gill Arbuthnott explains all about the history of electricity, how it gets from its original source to your plug socket and what might happen in the future. Packed full of brilliant full colour illustration, amazing photos and fascinating facts, A Beginner's Guide to Electricity and Magnetism is the perfect first introduction to the mysterious world of electricity and magnetism

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