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Tamworth Pig Stories

Tamworth Pig Stories

Published: 2 Jan 2020

Paperback / softback, 288 pages

Recommended for age 5+ and 7+

By Gene Kemp

Illustrated by Carolyn Dinan

Published by Faber & Faber

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Features two classic tales about Tamworth, the kind-hearted and very wise pig with a flair for publicity, and his human friends, Thomas and Blossom - The Prime of Tamworth Pig and Tamworth Pig Saves the Trees.

Reviewed by Rebecca Simpson-Hargreaves

Tamworth Pig Stories is about a pig with a mission!

This classic book filled with timeless themes and adventure it introduces us to the enchanting world of Tamworth the pig, who is quite spectacular. This collection of stories have been republished with new illustrations by Carolyn Dinan, which are rich and delightful.

The tale opens with one of the main characters, Thomas, getting into a spot of bother with some bullies. He is saved by his kind, yet formidable best friend, Tamworth, who delights in giving the unkind boys what they deserve. The two stories included cover themes such as sustainability and ecology as Tamworth fights to save the trees he loves and tries to convince the world to ‘grow more grub and eat less meat’. Children will easily relate to the sibling relationship between Thomas and his sister Blossom, as well as the challenges of school. Two of the most charming characters are a rabbit who likes to recite poetry and a hedgehog who enjoys counting. This book has something for everyone.

The collection of stories that is the Tamworth Pig Stories could be read with both key stages and would be an ideal class book. It links to science subjects such as diet and the environment. It could be used in a PSHE/Citizenship to discuss bullying and family relationships.

I am a lecturer in Primary Education specialising in English at the University of Manchester. Lover of picture books, poetry, non fiction and fantasy. Passionate about using children's literature to develop children's empathy, self-awareness and social justice and human rights.