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Reading and Science Course - Individual teacher

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Would you like to

  • improve comprehension and deepen thinking and understanding in science?
  • increase your understanding of the reading and language demands of science books and materials?
  • develop pupils’ skills and strategies for critical reading in science beyond the conventional information skills?
  • select the best books and materials to support the science curriculum and to encourage your pupils to read science for pleasure?

This research-informed course focuses on the specific demands of literacy in science with particular emphasis on high-quality dialogic teaching and reading. The course has been developed with partner schools and video material of classroom practice is used extensively throughout.

Cost for an Individual is £200 +VAT and you will get the following:

  • A term’s access to the training course
  • Individual login for one teacher
  • A set of 5 nonfiction books RRP 49.91
  • Certificate of completion on submission of all gap tasks

**2 for 1 for teachers until the 1st July**