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Easy Purchase Packs

One Click and It's Done

We know that busy teachers don't always have time to select individual titles, especially when resourcing new curriculum topics, implementing a reading for pleasure initiative or updating library collections. So we have created some one click collections to make your job easier.

We aim to provide the best of both worlds - the opportunity to select your own books or purchase our trusted selections that have been assembled by our team of teaching and library experts.

You can even tweak the packs once you have added them to your basket by deselecting specific titles and adding in your own choices. Whether you stick with our choices or tweak to your requirements, this is a super quick way to order the books you need. 

If you need help with large orders or library development, please contact our specialist team

Select from these packs

Library Boost Packs

These are the best choice for choosing new fiction. We update these packs regularly to make sure your collections are up-to-date

3+ years Library Boost Pack

5+ years Library Boost Pack

7+ years Library Boost Pack

9+ years Library Boost Pack

11+ years Library Boost Pack

Curriculum Topic Packs

A range of curriculum packs with a balance of different types of text pre-selected for easy purchase. You can swap in and out tiles of your choice giving for ease and flexibility.


Animals on the Farm


Eggs and Life Cycles

All Kinds of Families

Numbers and Counting

Rhyme Time





Hot and Cold Countries

We are Humans


Minibeasts and their Habitats

Plants and Trees

Rainforest Habitat

Seaside and Coasts

Significant People in History


Weather and Seasons


Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Greece


Bronze and Iron Ages

Buildings and Architecture

Darwin and Evolution

Earth and Space


Explorers and Exploration

Inventors and Inventions


Polar Regions


Rocks, Soils and Fossils

Stone Age





Focus Packs

Green Issues